One of the biggest issues facing Wilkinsburg is vacant property and blight. Nearly 20% – over 1000 parcels – of Wilkinsburg’s houses and commercial buildings are vacant and/or blighted along with another 600 vacant lots. There are several tools and resources for acquiring vacant property. Still, the process can be a bit daunting, but we’re here to help.

Acquisition of vacant property happens most commonly through one of the three following methods:

  • Negotiating a fair sale price with the current owner. This is the most direct path to an acquisition of vacant property, if the owner can be found and contacted.
  • Applying through the Vacant Property Recovery Program. This option is only possible if the property is vacant and tax delinquent for at least three years and the prospective buyer can demonstrate the capacity to complete the work. For an easy step by step guide on the process click here.
  • Purchasing at a Sheriff’s Sale. If the property is not already listed for Sheriff’s Sale, there is an option to contract with the delinquent tax collector to have a property taken to sale. Check out our quick guide on the process or a more in-depth guide provided by MBM Collections.