October 23, 2018: “Come Over, Come Eat, Come Play is a multilayered endeavor that includes community engagement, and a survey of historic buildings with a special focus on churches. Artist Jennifer Chenoweth’s work in Wilkinsburg began with community meals, dance parties, and other pop-up events as a way for her to meet residents of the neighborhood, and for residents to meet each other. Chenoweth also drew the local churches on table tops and placed the tables throughout the neighborhood to begin conversations about architecture, culture, and history over meals, meetings, and sometimes games.

This project was produced and organized by artist Jennifer Chenoweth, in partnership with the Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation, the Wilkinsburg Arts Council, the Office of Public Art, and Neighborhood Allies in partnership with Preservation Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks FoundationWilkinsburg Historical SocietyPittsburgh Urban Christian School, and the Rotary Club of Wilkinsburg/Rotary Square.” Read more from Neighborhood Allies