Pet Store Owner Committed to the Neighborhood

Animals and pets are like family members and often best friends to many. The owner of three dogs and a cat, Brad Scheidmantel, is aware of the importance of the love and loyalty they exude. The owner of LocalPet, located on the cusps of Wilkinsburg, Frick Park and Regent Square at 702 South Trenton Avenue, offers what customers classify as well-curated pet products at fair prices. The proprietor of a small, independent establishment describes his business as a neighborhood pet supply shop. “That’s what I really strive to be. I’d like to think that people do come from all over the city, but I know a lot of my customers come from around the neighborhood.”  Admitting that he’s not in business to make millions of dollars, his goal is to provide affordable and good quality pet products for everybody while making enough money to provide for all his family’s needs.

   LocalPet carries a variety of dog and cat foods, and pet supplies including grooming supplies, toys, and accessories. Popular brands are Fromm, Wellness and Zignature dog foods. Cat foods in cans and pouches consist of Wellness, Weruva, ZiwiPeak, Lotus, and Fromm. “Customers are looking for healthy and high protein foods that provide a balance for their pets, so we provide a wide range of products aiming to fulfill various needs and prices.” Scheidmantel said that shoppers looking for rabbit and guinea pig food needs are also met.

   Pet grooming supplies include different sizes and styles of brushes to match the hair type of pets and nail clippers and styptic powder to maintain claw length and varieties of brands of shampoos. Other supplies include an assortment of plastic, ceramic, and stainless-steel bowls. Aiding in the well-being of the animal and offering good quality, LocalPet sells an assortment of brands of durable plush toys offering reinforced webbing under the plush exterior assisting in keeping the toys to last longer than the standard toy.    

   Offering his customers nearly 25 years of pet care, pet nutrition and customer service experience, Scheidmantel began his career at the former Smiley’s Pet Pad in Shadyside that opened in 1972. Discovering his passion during that experience, once Smiley’s Pet Pad closed, he opened LocalPet in Point Breeze seven years ago. Earlier in 2022, he moved to the Trenton Avenue location. “While working at Smiley’s Pet Pad I absorbed all the knowledge I could from the owner. Working in the pet store business is really all I’ve done since I’ve been an adult since I was in my early 20s and I’m 51 now. When the store closed, I was not ready to give up.” Reflecting on the mix of his current customers, he says, “Because I have been around the industry for a while a lot of people know me. I have some customers patronizing that I’ve known since the Pet Pad days from 15 or even 20 years ago and I think some of those folks come from all over the city” 

   His wife and 14-year-old daughter are also a part of the business. “We all play a role in one way or another. My daughter runs agility with our dogs.” Dog agility is a sport where dogs are directed through a pre-set obstacle course within a certain time limit.     

   Happy to operate in a community with a constellation of different businesses to draw from creating a stream of street traffic,  Scheidmantel says,  “Even though I run a small, independent store, I still make sure my prices are competitive, my selection is deep. I promise to do my best to make sure that the money spent here stays in Pittsburgh. I’m always looking for local vendors and manufacturers. I love Pittsburgh and I want to do my best to provide Pittsburgh’s population with a pet supply shop that does right by them.”


By Diane I. Daniels – DID & Associates

Local Pet

Address: 702 S Trenton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Phone: (412) 404-7273