Finance Director

The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation (WCDC) is a nonprofit organization with
a mission to drive economic development in Wilkinsburg with an emphasis on strengthening the
Central Business District.

The Finance Director is an integral part of the mission and daily operations of the WCDC. This
role is responsible for the daily financial management and business activities of the WCDC and
its five affiliate entities.

The Finance Director will be an experienced manager who is detail oriented, analytical, and
conscientious and will support the WCDC in the following areas: finance, business planning and
budgeting, fund development, and grant management and administration.

The Finance Director will play a critical role in partnering with the Executive Director and WCDC
Boards of Directors in strategic decision making and operations as WCDC continues to enhance
its strategic plan and vision for Wilkinsburg.

Organizational Background:
The WCDC was formed in 2008 to foster positive community and economic development in the
Borough of Wilkinsburg. WCDC has championed efforts to stabilize and transform the
community in partnership with the Borough of Wilkinsburg and other local, regional, and state
agencies dedicated to strengthening Wilkinsburg. The WCDC’s six-year strategic plan includes
significant economic development projects such as the current restoration of the Wilkinsburg
Train Station.

The Finance Director is a full-time position and requires attendance at all WCDC staff meetings,
organizational committee meetings, and board meetings, as needed. This position reports to the
WCDC Executive Director.

Type: Full-time

FLSA: Exempt

Key Job Functions:
Financial Management

  • Oversee and track annual budgeting and planning processes in conjunction with the
    Executive Director
  • Develop forecasting to support operational requirements and the long-term strategic
    goals of the WCDC
  • Work with accounting consultant to create balance sheets and cash flow statements for
    each entity
  • Present financials at board meetings
  • Administer and review all financial plans and budgets; monitor progress and changes
  • Manage all organizational bank accounts, loans, and lines of credit
  • Update and implement all necessary business policies and accounting practices
  • Communicate and provide supporting documents to auditors annually, or as needed throughout the year

Business Activities

  • Maintain and track all contracts, leases, and external agreements
  • Coordinate organizational operating, management, and development agreements
    required for construction and real estate activities
  • Work closely and transparently with all external partners, including third-party vendors
    and consultants
  • Oversee WCDC administrative functions to ensure efficient and consistent operations

Grant Management

  • Ensure that grant compliance and spending restrictions are adhered to and that financial
    data is readily available; prepare payment vouchers, updates and close-out reports as
    required by funding source
  • Keep a schedule of grant renewal dates, reporting dates, and new grant due dates.
  • Provide support for requests for grant applications and regular reporting.
  • Annual review and update of Grant Management Policies to ensure compliance with
    current regulations.
  • Annually update registration in System of Award Management (SAM) to manage federal
    grant funds awarded.
  • Oversee approved funding contracts to ensure that documentation and reporting
    requirements are met prior to due dates.
  • Prepare and/or review information and reports for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Develop and modify policies/procedures/systems in accordance with government
    regulations and organizational needs and objectives.
  • Responsible for external monitoring visits, reviews, audits, and cross-site evaluations.

Organizational Support

  • Work with team to track strategic goals, objectives, and outcomes
  • Attend fiduciary governance, committee meetings, and workgroups as necessary.
  • Coordinate and attend WCDC and affiliate events, activities, and meetings, as needed,
    throughout the year

• Proven work experience in finance and administration.
• Working knowledge of state and federal financing and incentive programs.
• Hands-on experience with accounting and financial management software
• Strong time management and organizational skills.
• Ability to explain financial terms in simple language
• Be able to work effectively as a team member.
• Genuine interest in our mission.
• A bachelor’s degree and minimum five years’ experience in finance, non-profit
management, business administration, or a related field at an accredited institution.

We are seeking an individual of outstanding quality with a respected track record. WCDC is
prepared to offer a salary of $75,000 with an attractive compensation package, including health
care, retirement, and vacation benefits.

To Apply:
Interested parties please send cover letter, resume, and three references to:
Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation

729 Wood St.
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221

Applications are due on April 28, 2023.

The Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer