When attorney Abigail Salisbury first decided to make the leap into opening her own practice in January 2015, she was already well-versed in legal matters, having worked in both international law and academia. 

But she found that the CORE FOUR workshop, which she completed shortly after opening her practice in Wilkinsburg, was helpful for goal setting and creating financial objectives.

“I know I got a lot more serious about my financial goals and tracking,” she says, praising Gordon Manker, CORE FOUR workshop leader and the WCDC’s Business Development Specialist, for his encouragement. 

She also found a sense of camaraderie with her fellow participants, all of whom were in different stages of their businesses: “Gordon is very motivating,” she says. “He started every session with a motivational video and pep talk for everybody. Especially if you are in a business by yourself, like me, it can feel a little lonely — and it’s good to have that community.”

Salisbury first heard about CORE FOUR through the Mansmann Foundation, which offers small business programming. President Barbara Moore recommended the workshop, which has proven invaluable, and Salisbury stays in contact with many of the people who were in her CORE FOUR group.

Today, Salisbury’s practice — Salisbury Legal, LLC — provides personalized legal services through all stages of the lifecycle of businesses and nonprofits.

“I end up coaching people the way I was coached early on in my business,” she says, adding: “I tend to draw on the advice I got in programs like CORE FOUR. It’s hard to wrangle a business; CORE FOUR helps you break it down into manageable chunks, so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.”

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