Our vision, mission and values

Driving our efforts, dreams and success in Wilkinsburg.

Our Vision

Wilkinsburg will be a prosperous, healthy, and inclusive community regarded for its strong business district and neighborhoods, historic charm, convenient location, desirable quality of life, and community pride.

Our Mission

The mission of WCDC is to drive economic development in Wilkinsburg with an emphasis on strengthening the Central Business District.




Our Values


We respectfully engage diverse constituencies in our efforts, supporting our residents and businesses and welcoming newcomers. 


We collaborate with other organizations to help improve the quality of life in our community. 

Forward Thinking

We are innovative and fact-based in our approach to development and driven by our long-term vision for a prosperous, healthy, sustainable, and growing community. 


We achieve tangible results and community development outcomes that evidence Wilkinsburg’s progress. 


We act with transparency and make fact-based decisions to produce results that are worthy of emulation.

Want to learn more or become a part of our efforts?

Please email info@wilkinsburgcdc.org, call us at (412) 727-7855 or click the contact button below.