Acquiring Vacant Property

One of the biggest issues facing Wilkinsburg is vacant property and blight. Nearly 20 percent–close to 900 parcels–of Wilkinsburg’s houses and commercial buildings are vacant and/or blighted.

Though a major issue, vacant property also presents an opportunity to acquire a house or building for a very low cost. There are several tools and resources for acquiring vacant property. Still, the process of acquiring a vacant property can be a bit daunting, so the WCDC developed a flowchart to walk people through the process.

Acquisition Options

Negotiating a fair sale price with the current owner. If the owner cannot be found, this option may not be feasible.

Applying through the Vacant Property Recovery Program. This option is only possible if the property is vacant and tax delinquent for at least three years.

Purchasing at a Sheriff’s Sale. If the property is not already listed for Sheriff’s Sale, there is an option to contract with the delinquent tax collector to have a property taken to sale.

More Information

With any option, it is critical that you research the property’s tax history and have any taxes forgiven before transferring the title. It is also important to apply for the Wilkinsburg Tax Abatement before making any improvements to the vacant property.

To learn more about the options for acquiring vacant property, check out our flowchart, How to Acquire a Vacant & Tax Delinquent Property.

To get started, check out some available vacant properties in Wilkinsburg.