Streetscape Improvement

Focusing on a clean and reshaped business district.

Streetscape improvement in Wilkinsburg

Visit Wilkinsburg’s business district today, and you are likely to encounter far less litter than you might have a few years ago. We have been installing litter receptacles throughout Wilkinsburg to combat litter and present a clean, attractive business district. Over 40 litter receptacles have been installed so far. The receptacles, which were fabricated by Wilkinsburg-based company, Technique AP, were purchased with a 50 percent match from the Wilkinsburg Municipal Authority.

Designed by the WCDC Design Committee, the 45-gallon receptacles are constructed of steel with a hunter green powder coated finish, and have a hinged door on the side with a rigid plastic liner. In the coming years, the Design Committee plans to design and install additional street furnishings (e.g. benches, information kiosks, and bus stations) to match the litter receptacles and further enhance our business district. In addition to litter receptacles and street furnishings, we regularly work with community members, business owners, and student groups to conduct litter clean-ups within the business district.

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