Wilkinsburg Rental Assistance Program

Businesses looking to move to Wilkinsburg may be eligible for rental assistance for their first year.

Would assistance with your rent help you get ahead?

The WCDC provides funding for ambitious businesses looking to move to Wilkinsburg. Businesses may be eligible for rental assistance for their first year of occupancy. Through this program, the WCDC supports small business owners with 50% of their annual rent, up to $5,000. See guidelines below and apply today!


Business Eligibility

  • Commercial establishments (food businesses, retail and wholesale trade).
  • Service establishments including:
    • Professional services (e.g.: doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, etc.);
    • Personal services (e.g.: tailors, laundromats, gyms, etc.);
    • Certain repair services (e.g.: office equipment, radio/television, bicycle, furniture, locksmith, etc.);
    • Business services (e.g.: advertising, office management, printing, etc.).
  • Banks, savings and loan associations, payday lenders, national chain stores, gas and service stations, used car lots, and adult entertainment establishments are not eligible.
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and other food businesses, not including convenience stores, will be given preference.

Space Eligiblity

  • By the time of occupancy and commencement of rental abatement payments, the space must have an occupancy permit.
  • Landlord must be current on real estate taxes or be on a payment plan, and not have any active building code violations.
  • WCDC will review rent amount for reasonableness.

Application Process

  • A business identifies an eligible storefront within the business district and negotiates a Letter of Intent with the landlord that identifies the terms that will be incorporated into a lease.  
  • The business completes the application, along with the attachments, and returns it to WCDC.  
  • If the application meets the guidelines and criteria, it is forwarded to the WCDC Economic Vitality Committee for a decision based on funds available.
  • If approved, the WCDC will provide the abatement once the business has received all needed permits and the storefront has opened. Businesses that open by the 15th of a month are eligible to get an abatement for the current month.

Inquire about our rental assistance program today.

For rental assistance details and support, please email info@wilkinsburgcdc.org, call us at (412) 727-7855 or click the contact button below.