1001 Penn Ave

1001 Penn Ave

Price: $300,000 (three parcels)

Type: Commercial and Residential (Fully Rented)

Size: Three lots include an auto service and repair garage at 1001 Penn Avenue and a residential duplex at 1004-1006 Coal Avenue as well as a vacant lot; all three properties are contiguous.

Status: Fully rented and available for sale.

Most Recent Use: The garage is currently rented to an auto collision and repair business at $1,000 per month (current tenant has occupied for 2 years); 1004 Coal is rented at $475 per month (5 years) and 1006 Coal for $425 per month (12 years); tenants pay all utilities including water.

Features: Garage is 3,000 square feet and includes an office area and 2 restrooms and a newer roof; each residence is a 2-bedroom townhouse-style apartment and has newer furnaces in each residential unit.

Condition: Good; all systems and features up-to-date.

Other terms and conditions: Inquire with owner.

Property Owner: Richard M. Apter

Telephone: 412-849-8100

Email: napter@aol.com

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