Plans & Reports

Each year, the WCDC works with consultants, fellows, interns, and partners to develop plans, reports, and studies that show the progress and potential of Wilkinsburg.

Community Partnership Plan

On May 18, 2012, the WCDC partnered with Hosanna House to share with regional stakeholders the success that has resulted from the Wilkinsburg Community Plan, created in 2006. Many groups that have been a part of carrying out the plan presented on the progress that has been made – from tree plantings to renovated housing to the creation of the WCDC. The full presentation is available here.

WCDC Strategic Plan

The WCDC completed a Strategic Planning process funded by Neighborhood Allies (formerly Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development) in 2012. Check out a summary of our Five Year Plan.

Wilkinsburg Business District & Comprehensive Plans

The Wilkinsburg Business District Plan details collaborative efforts for revitalizing Wilkinsburg’s Central Business District over the next 10 years. Working with a Coro Fellow during 2014-15, together with the Borough of Wilkinsburg & Hosanna House, the Wilkinsburg Business District Revitalization Plan 2015 Update was completed.

In addition to the Business District Plan, a collaborative 10-year Wilkinsburg Comprehensive Plan was also established. In addition to updating the Wilkinsburg Business District Revitalization Plan, our Coro Fellow also completed the Wilkinsburg Comprehensive Plan 2015 Update, Action Plan: Recommendations and Next Steps, and developed a Health and Human Services Addendum during 2014-15.