Outreach and Engagement

Showing all of the good, positive work that happens in our Wilkinsburg everyday.

Community Outreach & Engagement

We continuously work to improve our external communications through weekly emails, monthly newsletter pages in the Wilkinsburg Sun, press releases, and social media. Through these outlets, we work to change the negative perception of Wilkinsburg by showing all of the good, positive work that happens in our community everyday.

To this end, we established Wilkinsburg: Good All Over, a campaign to feature positive news and happenings using the hashtag #GoodAllOver on social media. Besides the WCDC, council people, the school district, businesses, and individuals have adopted the hashtag to promote Wilkinsburg.

Good All Over has since grown into a comprehensive branding initiative. In May 2017, we installed Good All Over banners and window decals throughout our business district. We will continue building on this initiative through small business advertisements, additional window displays, merchandise, and more.

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