Merger Analysis Committee

Exploring the potential impacts of consolidating Wilkinsburg with the City of Pittsburgh.

About the Committee

In the face of stagnant blight, unsustainable tax rates, and impending municipal finance challenges, the Merger Analysis Committee was formed by residents with the goal of investigating the civic, economic, and cultural impacts of Wilkinsburg consolidating with the City of Pittsburgh. Chaired by residents Derrick Tillman and Vanessa Buffry, the group is motivated in its exploration by a hope of better services and lower property taxes that will increase affordable home ownership, expand school choice, and provide greater potential for businesses to thrive. 

The core Merger Analysis Committee meets every other week and sub-committees focused on Frequently Asked Questions, Services, and Diversity & Gentrification also meet regularly. Sign up to participate in the Merger Analysis Committee or get involved in a sub-committee by filling out the Merger Analysis Interest From HERE.

More Information

Learn more about Wilkinsburg and the challenges this committee hopes to address in this Focus Group Presentation or in this Redevelopment Study conducted by HR&A in 2019. 

You can also read more about Wilkinsburg in this article Revisiting Two “Next Hot Neighborhoods” in Developing Pittsburgh’s Spring 2021 issue, and Pittsburgh Quarterly’s article Reset Button on rethinking local government. 


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