April 5, 2016: Jeff Lovett says when it came time to open a brick-and-mortar store for Lovett Sundries and its line of hand-crafted apothecary and cleaning products, there was only one location that made sense to him and co-owner Marit Aagaard: Wilkinsburg.

“We live in Wilkinsburg and so we have a complex understanding of what Wilkinsburg is about,” Lovett says. “It’s seeing renewal, and some signs of growth. Existing businesses are putting a lot of effort into rebranding. Amazing things are happening.”

The store opens April 15, in an old barbershop on South Avenue in the heart of Willkinsburg’s historic district. “Because of the affordability of Wilkinsburg, we can do this without going into debt, and make it happen on our own terms.” Read the full story at NEXT Pittsburgh.