Daybreak by Zoë Welsh


at the Lohr Gallery

725 Wood Street, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221

On display August 15th through November 7th, 2020

Enjoy the digital gallery below



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Creations by John Burt Sanders. On display June 30th – August 8th, 2020. Read Sanders’ full feature on the WCDC’s blog HERE.


Daybreak is a collection of paintings created almost entirely out of the artist’s home in Wilkinsburg during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Drawing inspiration from what has been growing around the house during quarantine, Daybreak keeps a record of what is in bloom and emphasizes drawing as a practice of being in the present. These works capture both the soft ambiance and cacophony of growth during the summer months, inviting the viewer to gaze through screens of transparent color revealing heavy linework and ink sketches, torn from newsprint, underneath. The tonal shifts from electric blues to warm pinks echo saturated morning light, and Daybreak embodies the slow act of watching, observing, and living in a present that is simultaneously quiet and vibrant. 

Zoë Welsh is a painter from Wilkinsburg, PA. She holds a BFA in painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and currently works out of her studio at Radiant Hall Studios in Homewood, Pittsburgh.

Zoë creates large scale works using a mixed media approach based on her interest in the reconfiguration of memory and the present into symbolic and immersive spaces. Zoë works through an intuitive process that explores personal narrative as it represents journey, obstacle, time, and experience. Through inspiration and observation of the natural world, working in tandem with images from memory, she translates perceived space into felt landscape, allowing the formal elements to take on symbolic form.

Daybreak by Zoë Welsh

Photos Courtesy of the Artist