08. 1717 Penn Avenue (3 units)

08. 1717 Penn Avenue (3 units)

Three commercial spaces are available in the Brittany Apartments building. These flex spaces had been offices in the past, but can be suitable for studio space and professional offices.

Suite 5008 618 SF at $620/month

Suite 4000 450 SF at $660/month ($10.67/SF)

Suite 318 1,456 SF at $1,200/month ($9.86/SF)

Type: Commercial


  • Located near Blackridge area of Wilkinsburg
  • Secure building access
  • Parking deck and garage
  • Large building with mix of business tenants
  • Fitness center

Contact: Michele Davis

Telephone: 412-243-2407

Email: mdavis@mckinneyproperties.com

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